Got a AGS175 that we picked up a year or so ago. Had alot of control issues and what not......but got most of it resolved. One problem that kept creeping up.......slide valve sensor fault on circuit 1 and 2. Re calibrated sensors and all was good. But circuit 2 keeps locking out on the fault. It could be 1 week or 2 months. Reset it and everything looks good.

So finally last month, I replaced the slide valve sensor and all the wiring. Everything look good and I left it. Today, I find it locked out again. And it was reading 28% off at 0%.

So I again calibrated sensor. Ran it up and down for a hour and it's within 1%.

What is causing this thing to go out of wack? I verified fully loaded and fully unload by signal to load/unload valves and amperages compared to 1st circuit. Everything is new. And normally, after reset the slide valve's track within 3%.

What I don't understand either is I get a "Slide Valve Sensor Alram". Which according to the manual, means the slide valve sensor is either open or shorted. The "Slide Valve Position Fault", is when it's tracking is 25% off.