My family (on both sides) have a history of high cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart problems. Grandfather had a heart attack in early 30's though he lived to an old age. Uncle died of heart attack at age 41.

I'm 31 and an avid runner, love to go to the gym. Normally eat pretty healthy. However, all my life I have had semi-high blood pressure. Other than after a workout it would be mid 130/85 - 170/110. Pulse is always around or below 60. So it was either find a natural way to lower the numbers or use meds.

Few months back I changed my diet. Pretty much following the whole30/paleo diet. After the first 30 days my blood pressure seemed to be normalizing so I decided to stay with it. Just took my pressure and I am 118/80 with 58 pulse. That is with working till 8pm in this 100+ heat with lack of sleep. Took it the other day and it was 115/77 w/ 60 pulse

Just wanted to share my experience so far if anyone has had that talk with their doctor about blood pressure.