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Cpr sealed the deal...low temp powerhead i didn't even try. I closed off on the suction and added a little more gas. Superheat at the compressor is still about 32 but it is ran with the liquid line acting as a subcooler for the liquid line. I tried to tell customer that a cpr valve needed to be installed but he wouldn't go for it. I noted it on my ticket and left the suction cranked in..been running for almost 3 weeks w/o an issue..just checked in on it the other day..still eerie of it but it's running and cooling
Most of the R12 drop in replacements raise the head pressure significantly. It is a good idea to change the whole condenser when dealing with a dead compressor on one of these old beasts. You can then size the condenser properly and it usually ends up costing the customer about the same because you save some labor with a complete swap out. Change the TXV and go to 404a or something that isn't ancient technology.