Have a Tecumseh condensing unit on a walkin freezer that has become very corroded from being exposed to salt air. The condensing unit is in pretty good shape, with the exception of the condenser coil. I'd try to clean the coil, but I know if I touch it even with a garden hose, I'm gonna blow all the fins off of it. The tag for the condensing unit is right under the spot where the condensation drips off the suction line at the compressor, so it's totally obliterated. Any suggestions on how to get enough information to Tecumseh to purchase a replacement coil? The previous service company has put in an accumulator, and from the evidence of a suction filter and brazing, they have replaced the compressor. Unit is an R-12 that has been converted to MP66, with Alky oil. System is running and holding at 15 degrees, compressor is strong and valves are good. Liquid line is too warm, so know the condenser isn't removing enough heat.