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    I am considering purchasing a 10kW Natural Gas powered generator, with Automatic Transfer Switch. I work for a utility, and dont want to worry about the wife babysitting the gas powered generator when I have to work long hours after a storm, outages, etc. I would like to hear from anyone who has one, as far as reliability, problems, praises, etc. Power outages seem to be occuring more often than ever, and the power companies keep laying more and more off every year, prolonging the small local outages.

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    We started installing the units about a year ago and haven't encountered issues yet (knock on wood). Just be sure to follow the installation guidelines (i.e. gas line sizing, gas line configuration, distance from house, appropriate electrical connections, etc.).
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    I have installed a few, and ditto on nextwave, you better have the required btu input or it will go out on safety (a hertz meter measures a drop in cycle).

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    Ditto, we hook up units for an electrician. They are very good from what I have seen.
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