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    McQuay Alarm code

    I work for the national park service and my partner and I saw an error code on our McQuay chiller that neither one of us had ever seen before and we thought someone in cyberspace might be able to help so here we go; it's a model WGZ040AW27-ER10 and the code reads as follows; NoPressChgAtStart 2. We think that means that there was a pressure issue when it changed compressors, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Lloyd

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    McQuay Alarm code

    Braveheart 51;
    Thanks for the response. Yesterday I went to the McQuay website and was searching MicroTechII controllers and I finally found what I was looking for; the simple translation is that one of the circuit 1 or 2 compressors didn't achieve condenser operating pressure in the time alloted, but now that I know that I know how to solve the problem. Thanks for your input though.

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