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    We have a Rheem high-efficency gas furnace installed in an apartment. It is in a 24-inch deep closet in the main living space and is so noisy you can't hear the television when it kicks in.
    Several HVAC guys I've asked have mentioned that they "had heard" that turning the return away from the room "might help." The guy who put it in said he would never spec another installation sight unseen and vanished ... hmmm ...
    It seems to me lots of people have their HVAC units in a room right in the middle of their house but it isn't this noticeable.
    Cam anyone give me a suggestion about how to muffle this noise? Failing that, I'm considering moving the furnace to an insulated box in the basement, about 20 feet away, but that is going to be expensive.
    Thanks in advance.

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    From the furnace the return duct,which is likely almost none in your case,needs to make to 90 turns before connecting to the return grille.This reduces the noise of the fan as sound woun't make the turns.

    Your problem could be an undersize return grille ,as well,remove it to see if that reduces the noise at all,if so you need a larger one or a different style.

    Ductboard or duct liner in the furnace and return will help a little.

    Look on this site for "quieturn vanes" they are in the Glassline catalog;

    If your contracor could take the return ,out the bottom of the furnace,into the basment,two 90 turns ,to a new return location that may help too.

    More info. and photos would help us ,"see" your problem better.

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    A Rheem gas furnace is 28" + deep please post the model #
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    What type of noise? Motors,whistle,air-rush? There's a few different parts that can be noisy.....siliconing the joints can help. A high efficiency one is usually quieter...variable speed,etc.
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    I have a furnace in a utility closet on the main floor. It sits on a plywood box then uses the wall cavity with a return grill. When I first moved in, the noise from the blower in air conditioning was horrible.

    I installed a bigger return grill with a straight fins, lined the entire return cavity with ductliner, and installed the proper size furnace and set it to the proper speed. Cut the noise in half, now I can watch TV.

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    Hi, thanks for all the responses.

    I can't tell from the docs exactly what Rheem it is, jpb2, it seem to be a G- series.

    smokin68, the noise is just a rushing, machine sound -- it doesn't sound like anything rattling or vibrating.

    It JUST fits between the back wall and the outside of the closet, which is a long one along one wall, so yes, Dash, there is basically no return ducting. So if I understand this correctly, we could rotate the unit so it faced into the closet and added to the return ducting so it would make one or more 90-degree turns. We'd lose a chunk of the closet but it would be worth it!

    I will try running it without the grille first to see if grille configuration is an issue.

    Again, thanks for the help!

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    Every Rheem gas furnace starts out RG--. It's the 2nd 2 digits that will tell us what it is. Should be a real long number, need all of it. What is model # of outdoor A/C?

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