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    QA Graphics


    This is probably a very long shot and a cheeky one at that!

    QA Graphics do some awesome HVAC plant graphics. AHU's, Boilers, Chillers, Heat Pumps etc. To purchase their full commercial graphic package will cost you around $4,000. Does anyone have these graphics and are they willing to share or know where I could get them from? They are very good but $4,000 is a bit much.

    I guess if you don't ask you'll never know!

    Many thanks


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    I see your post is old, but you may be in luck for a cheaper solution.

    Check out this website for graphics.

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    Thanks for the reply, that definitely helps.

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    Let me know if they are able to help with your graphical needs.

    They have been good to work with for my graphical needs.


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