Dear Sirs,
I have a York centrifugal chiller in VN that has oil loss problem,
Because currently I won’t be available to reach the jobsite to check the condition myself, so I made the operator to mail me the running record as attached,
The chiller’s model is YKQVQCK35DFGS,
Compressor model YDTL-95DD,
What has happened to this chiller is the oil level in reservoir will keep dropping down to the bottom of sight glass when chiller runs,
and it could take one day long for the oil to slowly return to reservoir when chiller shutdowns,
The operator has replaced the dehydrator, but it seems not the remedy,
From the record, the LOP which represent the pressure in reservoir is 37.1 Psig,
And the Evaporator P is 35.3 Psig, the LOP is 1.8 Psig higher than Evap P, based on this differential, I won’t connect the possible leak on B.P seal to this oil loss problem,
the disappeared oil is not carried to evaporator otherwise it won't recover to reservoir when chiller shutdows, then where has it gone? accumulated in the compressor?
what could the real cause for this faulty condition?
can anybody kindly advise?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.