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    TRANE, RTAC maintenance

    Hi there,

    My name is frank I am working as maintenance engineer for a company which provides maintenance services. My boss asked me to find information about RTAC Series R Air-Cooled Helical Rotary Liquid Chillers.

    I got a manual from TRANE website about installation, operation and maintenance. The information I found its really helpfull but I need to find what sort of tools it will be used for.

    So I need all the related information with tools for maintenance operations.

    If any one knows about it, please let me know.


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    Seriously ?

    I wouldnt advise using "tools" if you're not very experienced with Trane or any chiller manufacturer.

    If you have to ask which tools then you're probably not qualified to work on them.

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    Maybe you are right or maybe not.

    Maybe my first language isnt english so I cant explain as appropriate as you, sorry about that.

    On the other hand, I am starting to work as maintenance engineer so my knowledge is by far no good.

    I think everyone has a beginning, so thats the reason why I am here and thats the reason why I am asking for.

    Sorry if you were offended by my question.

    So, if any one knows where i can find a document, link or whatever about this is very welcome.


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    Im not offended at all really. If someone is ready to give you that kind of access to a Train Chiller then more power to you.

    You talk about having a begining. Well my begining for Chillers was carrying around the heavy tools and portable crane ( A-frame ) and doing all the dirty work for a year. Thats before I ever laid a hand on one.

    I then went to Carriers tech school on their GTN Chiller and school on the Carlyse Compressors they use in them.

    I like so many here had to work my way up and prove to the service manager I wasnt going to do something stupid that either put my safety in jeapordy or the machine in jeapordy.

    Read all the manuals in the world on that thing it doesnt mean you're qualified or that you know what you're doing.

    You might wind up causing some serious very expensive damage and unless you can show your credentials no one here is going to coach you through a repair.

    Just letting you know that a chiller of any sort isn't a starting off point.

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    If you're the owner or operator of this machine, there's not going to be much involved in maintaining it on your end. You must ensure that the condenser coils are cleaned as frequently as needed to maintain the efficiency of the machine, and logging chilled water pressures, temperatures, and refrigerant pressures and temperatures from the dynaview display on the chiller is not a bad idea. You'll also need to maintain adequate water treatment and cleanliness on the chilled water side. Even though it is a hybrid falling film/flooded evaporator, brushing the tubes is usually not required at regular intervals with these machines, if you maintain the water chemistry and filtration.

    Anything more in depth than that should be performed by a service tech. who is familiar with all of the ins and outs of the machine. You're off to a good start by getting the IOM, as it'll give you plenty of information. You should start by learning the basic refrigeration cycle, the oil circuit, and the basic sequence of operation.

    This is a great web-site with a lot of helpful and knowledgable individuals with millenia of combined experience around air-cooled chillers. You can use the search feature at the top, and you'll see that these machines have been discussed in GREAT detail.
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    Moved to AOP from the Convention.

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