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    Precision Cooling UNit, COmmercial UNits and building replacement and 30 year schedul

    We recently moved into a 30000 sq ft. facility we built.

    Our offices are on the first floor, the 2nd floor is tenant space, and the third floor is a 300 person banquet facility.

    On the first floor, we have a small data room with a 3 ton Liebert Mini Mate.
    IF properly, and semi-annually maintained, what is the average life cycle of a precision cooling unit?

    The hvac installation contractor has stated while we were building a 30-year budget that this unit would reach its End of Life and need to be replaced in 10-12 years.

    This does not sound correct.. I have seen 20 year janitrol resi units still going strong and efficient after 20 years here in the South.

    The commercial units for the rest of the building are Central air w/ gas packs.
    We were informed those units would need to be replaced even with regular maintenance after 12-15 years.

    We were also given a replacement estimate which exceeded the construction and installation costs.

    My question does not surround cost (I can argue the $20000 replacement of the Leibert or other 3 ton precision air condition unit without optional dehumidifier elsewhere) rather from experience in the commercial field, how long can I expect these units to last before they must be replaced?

    My primary concern of course is the Liebert in our small, single rack of server data room.. The ROI on the replacement estimate based on a 10 year life cycle is just not feasible, even when calculating efficiency ratios.

    Thus if I had one simple question to ask.. If properly maintained, the condenser being in a shaded and dry area,how long can (roughly) I expect a Liebert Mini Mate to last before the condenser and air handler have to be replaced?

    If I could ask a second question... How about the Trane units? (Four are rooftop, four are on the first level in the shade)

    Again, I am not trying to decode pricing.. Only life cycle although if anyone wants to drop a hint on precision air replacement I won't argue that fact either... My primary goal being to build a tentative estimated annual savings budget based on the average life cycle of the above units based upon professional experience and field knowledge..

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    Ive got Liebert min's that are 20 years old. Its a good quality unit and with quarterly PMs should at least las 20 years. Yes they're expensive a bit over priced IMO but still good quality.

    3 tons is a lot of capacity. Hope you have the heat load to match it.

    They can developeold mold issues if oversized.

    Tranes are execellent units. Looks like you went with the best equipmemt available. Also quarterly on the Tranes.

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