Before I start my introduction, I want to thank a gentleman that goes by "HEYBOB" on here for bringing this forum to my attention,my class were on a field trip @ a trade show this past spring and met him! Hello Ladies and Gentlemen my name is DANTE , I'm spanking BRAND NEW to this field of work! I spent 10 yrs working with a big auto supplier, job became redundant,and less of a challenge for me! Last FALL saw a commercial for Dorsey School HVAC/R Program which caught my attention, Contacted them, Enrolled ,Very satisfied with the program, Great Instructors,Alot of book work lol, I myself need to build a little more confidence in the Hands on part of it still! I start my EXTERNSHIP next week for 6 weeks,which I'm still seeking, preferably in Oakland/Wayne County any recommendation guys? Then set to GRADUATE August 3, 2012!!! Im NERVOUS ,but EXCITED guys this is my NEW CAREER can't wait to meet cool new people !