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    Oh, and now the bad news. I just observed that the lineset
    is leaking, right at the vapor-line flare nut.


    My guy is back here tomorrow anyway, and I guess he's
    going to have a bit more work to do than finalize a couple
    of ducts... what is recommended best-practice for a
    really tight/reliable flare connection? Nylog-blue?
    A particular type of flaring tool? With the lineset
    length already cut and very little slack to work with,
    is this fixable?


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    I don't know if it's better to follow up on a really old thread
    or start a new one; I'll try it this way first.

    I finally had another service company come out and eyeball my
    Daikin setup and hear the long sad litany of procedural issues.
    In the meantime it had been working over hot parts of the
    summer so it wasn't like it was actually broken ... but we
    both agreed that a recharge would be a prudent course of action.

    So that's what we did. Recovered the old stuff, and saw our share
    of moisture mist drifting out of the vacuum pump on the first
    pulldown. The system finally got the real pressure test it
    deserved, 450 psi and not budging; the guy even put some blue
    leak goop on his own manifold and fittings to make sure they
    were good too. After the triple evac with nitrogen purge in
    between he weighed in the 7.1 pounds that the combination of
    condenser, indoor coil and lineset really wanted -- a calculation
    the first guy had never even bothered with. It's right there
    in the manual. This time, everything was by the book.

    Then he hooked up the Service Checker to the D3-net and we
    watched all the running parameters and targets and were
    satisfied that everything was spot-on, so I think I'm finally
    all set with this thing. The visit did cost a bit of coin,
    but the peace of mind heading into heating season is worth it.
    Nothing to be done about the dirty brazes, of course, but the
    compressor hasn't started sounding like it has sand inside yet...


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    This just proves what the guys on this site constantly preach its all in the install ,better keep this guys card. It does cost to do it right
    Go Trump

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    Trust me, the second company will be who gets called next [unless
    I have an actual warranty issue] but really, with periodic simple
    care/cleaning that I can do myself I'm hoping to not have to call
    anybody for quite a while now! The new company was in fact
    recommended by Daikin's very own service department, who I've
    talked to a few times now. The guy was great, he was fresh out
    of any number of Daikin classes and really up on the latest stuff.
    We had a great tech-to-tech style chat about all the maintenance
    steps, how the system works, special settings on the units, etc.
    The geek-fest alone was well worth the time.

    And I'll be eternally grateful to y'all here on HVAC-talk for
    the industry support I needed for doing the Right Thing.


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