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Thread: 19 c losing oil

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    19 c losing oil

    I have a 800 hp 19C that has lost about 10 gallons of oil since the start of the season. I checked it today and found that when the vanes are under 25% open that I'm getting more oil foaming than normal. I didn't do the winter shut down on it this year, but a friend of mine did. Oil pressure was a little high at 28 psi total and the oil cooler had too much flow. Bearings wear below 140 degrees. I brought the bearing temp up to 155 and reduced the oil pressure a couple of pounds. I told the customer to keep a close eye on it. Everything else on this machine looks like it has for years.

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    Lost it or it pumped it out due to low cond water temp ?

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    Mercy.......I did'nt know there were any 19C's still running out there..I was wondering if your friend checked the shoe bearings on that C8 compressor. With just over .001" clearance to play with, the C8 compressor was famous for losing oil past the shoe bearings. Anytime the shoe bearing keys are replaced to obtain the proper clearances, the lil' round seal plate must be also replaced if the shoe bearing clearances were out. (Why else wouold one replace the keys)
    Failure to follow the book to the letter on the tail end of the 19C "Will" result in loss of oil as well as oil foaming. If one can build a 19C.....No other compressor out there would ever give him/her any problems at all in assembly.
    Ain't "None" of us as smart as "All" of us..

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    19C losing oil

    Before I retired, I took care of these two 19Cs. 15 years ago I lost a stator, but never had any other problems. I was told that he checked the 3 shoe and the tolerances were good. They never change, so I believe him. I'm going to give it a week or so and see how it's doing. We've got a real load on it now and the customer is only running this one machine. And yes I still know of two 19Cs and there is still 8 1000 ton 17Ms running that I use to take care of. My old apprentice has them now, so I still keep in touch.

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    any one do any real winter work on her lately?
    and change the main bearing felt seals? what condition are the gasco (wrong spelling) seals.
    i have still several big 'C's.
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    still have a couple C's and some 17ms, just got done replacing and scraping the bearings on one of the 17ms last week.

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    main bearing felts were changed. bearings looked normal and measured good. This is a problem that has slowly developed, from what I'm told

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