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    money may be greener but the grass isnt
    resi is tough and most places want you to run more calls then should and complain if you take to long then complain if you cut corners

    it has a lot of ups and downs and your hours will suck when there are a lot of calls

    did chiller and industrail a hundred years ago and found i like resi but 30 years later i wonder if it was the right thing to do

    i still enjoy dealing with homeowers and mom n pop stores but the pressure to get in n get out is for the birds

    think alot on what you want and what in time is best for your family then do what is your best bet

    money may sound good up front but latter down the road you are still making about the same wondering what if

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    Money isn't everything, I would do a ride along with the resi company for a day, see how its run, equipment, dispatch etc.
    I started off in residential and grew to hate it (well actually the company, not the work or customers...) living paycheck to paycheck and working insane hours 60-70 during the summer and maybe 15-20 during the slow downs.
    Personally i don't understand the "status" symbol of being a chiller mechanic, I'm new to commercial and already worked on Trane & Carrier chillers and find the work noisy, filthy and frustrating to wait on Trane's tech support when you can't find the bloody manual...

    Rant over. Check out the resi company but what i really see is someone who is unsure which path to take in HVAC. Think long and hard about it and the various ways to reach your goal. Seems really obvious but if you don't think and plan for your future, life will let you bumble through and get you nowhere.
    You cannot cheat an honest man. But that doesn't stop people trying!

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