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    Pre-Install advice for a Hotel in Mexico


    We're just speccing out AC solutions for our 8 bed hotel that is due to be built, but I'm getting some conflicting reports about the AC solution.

    Our builder has spoken to some local installers and they've told him the way to go would be 8 compressor units each with a mini-split to each of the rooms.

    The compressors are to go on the roof (it's three stories tall) and the condensers will supply cold air to rooms no larger than 18m2 (~160ft2).

    We want to keep the cost (initial install/maintenance and consumption) as low as possible, so I had my eye on a three compressors powering three multi-split units (9 in total - two for one room), but the builder has come back and said that multi-split units are being discontinued now because they're not as efficient as a 1-1 system (mini-split).

    I would have thought that one compressor/cooling powering multi condensors would be more efficient than having separate units?

    I also note that a lot of the multi-split units are 220v. How could this work in a 110v country, do you need a transformer?

    I'm a bit in the dark here so would appreciate any advice from someone who knows.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Might want to look into PTACs.
    Contractor locator map


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