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    John have you ever had a helper before? I agree with others I wouldn't turn in the letter, you look more like a complainer than a teacher(not trying to hurt any feelings but shooting you straight). Talk to the boy and lay down some rules don't treat him any different than you would any other helper.
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    If you have something to say

    E-mail is BS. This would be a man to man talk.

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    Rule 1: The boss is always right.
    Rule 2: If the boss is wrong see rule 1.

    Kid first.
    Father after kid messes up a few times.

    Although, by changing the "tone" to a verbal progress report you may be able to get the issues across and it doesn't sould like an ultimatum. You must "mold" the boss into thinking something is their idea, otherwise your playing boss. If there are already rules that are being broken then you can tell the kid. If the kid refuses to change then tell the father that his "kid" is not folllowing company policy. I can't, but he can sort of thing.

    Face to face: Keven. Your son has been working with me for a few weeks now and I thought you might like a progress report. yada yada yada. Although we don't have a company policy about smoking in a service vehicle, but I like my van to be free of second hand smoke because of heath issues. How should I/we handle your son not smoking in the van when I asked him not to.

    Personally, I like: Hey kid. Your working with me. I'm concerned about my health. No smoking in the van. If that doesn't work, use the face to face meeting with pops.

    If your training, the job is going to take longer. If your training, there is no reason why you should no be able to have conditions.

    Training is hard to do to. Let him watch and you explain. Next time you watch. Re-enforce by asking why are you doing it this way. Or..what are you going to do. Wtch him do it. Comment on it.

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    My last job was for a family owned business. It was father and son and then the son decided to continue his education. With that said he hired me and had his second son work with me. The kid had some knowledge but not enough to really be on his own. When he hired me he said he would be spending more time in the shop and wanted me to teach his son what I know about the business. I had the same concerns as you have pointed out and instead of writing a letter I faced him man to man and asked his son to sit on it. I gave him my ground rules and in return he told me what he expected. His son understood, he understood and I understood where we all stood. By facing him and dealing with it man to man there were no misunderstanding andd no hard feelings. If he doesn't care for it you'll know right away and be able to plan accordingly.


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    Hey, something just acurred to me that MIGHT make a difference, the son isnt biologically his. I have talked to my family and they have said the same thing, man to man, in person should be done. I just have a hard time with it, I can be,..antagonistic. I thought about printing this out and taking it with me too. I have had helpers but they were at least 30-40YO, with enough common sence to say "Hey,..I have never done this before, can you do it and show me?"

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    The antagonist part will go away if you approach it as a progress report or evaluation, otherwise we might end up calling you wimp. i.e. It's not your forte to be in supervision. Don't hide behind email.

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    Re: If you have something to say

    Originally posted by oroy54
    E-mail is BS. This would be a man to man talk.
    I agree with oroy, regards this issue...but I wont make a habit of it.

    My thoughts were that you need to cut the length in half and the half again. (I didnt even read past the first paragraph)

    Also be positve and concerned.Tell how good he is and why someone in that situation should be on salary or hourly pay. You could even say that he might benefit more by floating around, helping other techs who need him.

    ( because he's so good ,of course..)

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    Tell your boss that you think he is an unsafe individual and you fear for your safety. If he argues you can always go to the labor board. Or tell your boss that you think he is planning something with AL-Quida because you hear him talking in Arabic all the time
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    I think you email is succinct and fair.

    You didn't like working there anyway, did ya?
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    Don't send that letter!

    Lay down the ground rules for the kid though, like no smoking in the van etc and the refrigerant handling.

    Be real business like about it.

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    2 of my sons started out as helpers when they were in high school. They knew and my technicians knew that my sons were on the bottom of the ladder. The tech is the boss on the job.
    My sons went on to get their Associates Degrees in HVAC.

    Right now I have a 17 yo and a 18 yo helpers for the summer.
    The older one just graduated HS and is a registered apprenctice in the State of Vermont. Which means the training we give him has been accepted by the State as real OJT. This Fall he has been acceptecd in the HVAC program at the community college.

    The other kid is the son of a friend of mine. My friend works out of town during the week. So I am keeping his son busy and out of trouble for the summer.

    Neither of these kids are rocket scientist. Just normal kids. The family can train until we are blue in the face. But until a kid has experienced male influence in the outside world they will never grow up.

    I would say, john, to put youself out a little bit and take this kid under your wing. Of course if he is a smart mouth a-hole then that is a different story. If the kid is polite and friendly then he is trainable. If his only fault is that he makes stupid mistakes, then I would say give him a break.

    Forget the letter. If you really can't bring yourself to be "big brother" to this kid then just tell the boss. Just say that it makes you nerveous to have a helper who is so young. You would perfer to work alone or with an older helper.

    Your letter does make you sound like a whiner.

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    I would have to ask to begin with how old are you? How long have you worked for this company? Have you ever had any training experience? What is the true reason you're so annoyed with this guy to tattle on him. To me this letter seems as more an attack on his son than trying to settle the manner as a teacher. The letter is all wrong to handle this properly you should first try to teach the helper because thats why he is there and I'm sure your boss knows this. Being the kid is only 19 he probably hasn't worked in this field before and may be just looking for some leadership. Sending this letter could go several ways the kid could lose his job and you may have just ended what could have been a great tech. The boss could side with his son and you may end your career with a company you say you like. Either way I think this all could have been provented by working it out first. Set the rules if the helper doesn't like it then he has set the pace. Good Luck with your decision. In all this you have to remember one thing we all started somewhere and probably annoyed quite a few people along the way.

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    if he had set you up with another helper, similar in skills, would you send your boss e mail?

    i'm going to go with the consensus here and say "delete the e mail" (and this thread while you're at it).

    i doubt your boss wants you to kiss the boys ass, he wants you to teach him. if you spend extra time on a job with the bosses kid, the boss will know you are trying to teach him.

    maybe the kid was sent by dad to see how you would react. hmmm...........

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