Hi i'm a restaurant owner, i'm new to this forum and looking for some help and edvice on what to do. Here is my problem i recently got a store which i did some upgrades in equipment, i have a 9 1/2 feet hood with a 6 burne stove s small char broiler a 3 feet grill and a fryer, putting out about 400 or 450 thousand BTU if all on but mostly running around 350 or 375 btu everyday.
I have a old penn ventilator model fmx18B fan currently it's 3/4 Hp one phase 115 V, i'm looking to upgrade my exhaust fan, along with my duct work to the roof, my question here is that i just found out when i cleaned our filters for the first time that my hood only has one exhaust vent out of it on one side, it seems that someone before welded the other exhaust vent on the other side of the hood shut. It's a galvanized hood not stainless, so is it possible to get the other vent cut open again and have the 2 opening connected at the top going in to a single fan?? or what should i do?? My curb at the roof is 28X28 if that matters, thanks to everyone in advance