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    Anybody from there want to give me an idea of how the HVAC business is there. Any info on great companies for a above average tech?

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    phone a supply house called: Allied Refrigeration in vagas. Ask the number of the outfit Ron Bunker is working for, if he's still there.

    He knew that area and he knew this industry.

    I havent talked with him in years, but he was a straight guy.

    He may not be hiring, but he would know where to look.

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    The HVAC field out here is very competative, if your skilled at what you do and have many years experience, the pay is there, the summer is slammed and the winter is moderate depending on the winter weather, my Company usually is busy year round due to the type and volume of work we perform.

    If you call Allied Refrigeration, ask for Dennis, he can let you know what HVAC company adds are on there Job opportunity bulletin board.

    Word of advise, if your interested in moving to Vegas to pursue a career in the HVAC field, visit us in June/July to get a taste of what 115+ degrees feels like, you will find RTU's, splits, An abundance of Heat Pumps,150 degree attics, and killer black widows that just love to hide in the condensing units (nothing the mapp gas crosstech cant handle.

    Just out of curiosity , what part of the country are you planning to relocate from.

    thanx and good luck.

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    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!
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    I used to work in Vegas,
    if u dont mind me asking what company do u work for?
    and what kind a pay do they pay the techs there now?
    its been a couple a years since i worked there.

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