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    Thumbs down gasoline masonry saw used indoors?

    Yep, Homies on Holmes strikes again. Showed Mike Jr. using a gas powered diamond saw on a basement floor. Oh, he was wearing a full face respirator and hearing protection. What about the CARBON MONOXIDE not only in the space he was working in but throughout the whole house exposing the entire crew? They Zipwalled in a tight working space about 10ft square. Where are those Canadian safety inspectors? I some of you guys are full mechanical contractors who may have to saw indoors or be tempted to use some sort of gasoline powered tool, generator or compressor--don't.
    Let's look at a few safety violations with Mike Jr's work: No Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for him and evacuate and ventilate the building. No CO monitoring equipment with alarms. No signage with lighting for egress. No PASS alarm in case be becomes disabled. Plastic tarps are a fire hazard with that saw and sparks from dry cutting. No buddy spotting him.

    If you have to cut concrete use electric tools. Be mindful of gasoline engines within 50 feet of a building.

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    holmes thinks he's above us the normal canadian trades man.
    Have tools and gauges, will travel.


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    LOL, I've used Gas Saw many a time on a commercial job. Just open doors and windows put a fan in the door, on the floor blowing in. Put up canvas painter cloths. Wet the concrete and canvas and go for it. I hate electric saws, they are too dangerous, due to the almost unlimited torque.

    BTW, have you used a Chain Saw? Rented one several months ago, cut a steel pipe off that was to close to the wall to get a cutoff grinder around it. Switched to a different bar and cut thru the concrete floor to get to a leak. Cut that pipe off past the leak, so the welder could put a new piece off pipe in. Zero dust, as it has a hose port on the saw.
    I only have to make it work till I retire.

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