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    They usually throw plywood on top when they BBQ
    Every customer you take for granted today will be someone else's tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bja105 View Post
    She said I muttered under my breath about working on her unit. Also said I made her feel guilty about not replacing her system. She couldn't afford a new unit because she just got home from 3 weeks in Europe.

    should have told her "air conditioning is a luxury, not a necessity. so, waaahhhh!"
    You have to pay your due's before you pay the rent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLZ Dan View Post
    They usually throw plywood on top when they BBQ
    Keeps the beer cooler within perfect reach when your in the lawn chair
    "It's not that I'm smart, it's that I stay with the problem longer”
    Albert Einstein

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    Looks to me like the deck was built around the existing unit. It would have been very easy to move the stupid thing. And that unit looks older than me!

    Just when you think you've seen it all...............
    The picture in my avatar is of the Houston Ship Channel and was taken from my backyard. I like to sit outside and slap mosquitos while watching countless supertankers, barges and cargo ships of every shape and size carry all sorts of deadly toxins to and fro. It's really beautiful at times.....just don't eat the three eyed fish....

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    Some people are destened to be twats...

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