still trying to weed through all my options and im back to considering a heatpump with backup propane.

i will have to admit that alot of what i read out here is greek to me but has been of great help.

i like the xl14i (mainly for the extra warranty)
through reading on here, im pretty sure i should go with variable speed.
i know i want the clean effects filter system.
i know i want the 803 t-stat with humidity control.
i dont have a clue abou 2 stage stuff - can i do 2 stage HP and 2 stage propane or is that ovekill? any recommendations are appreciated
dont have a clue about coils either. some say a 36, some say a 42, some say a 56 - hell, i may not even be getting the numbers right anymore.
i know im 3 1/2 ton now in a horizontal application in an attic and want to stay with that.
i dont care about 410 or r22.

what are the essential pieces that i am going to be purchasing? (i.e. furnace, HP, etc.)

is there a way to recommend (or some place i can go on the web to find) a properly matched system?

please help if you can.

oh, im in va