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    I use the Dorcy 41-4750... my first one has lasted 10 months now, with everyday use on my tool belt.

    1) Uses 4 AA batteries- since I'm a big NiCad fan, I use re-chargeables, and they last at least 2 weeks.

    2) Strong center beam with a wide cone around it. Perfect for service! So strong you can't look into the beam.

    3) Lightweight- used to carry a 2-D Mag-light.
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    Surefire all the way! You pay for what you get with this company.

    Edit: These lights were made with LE and the Mil in mind. If you want a flashlight that can take a beating and stand the test of time then Surefire is your ticket.

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    If you want more flashlight info than you thought existed check out Candle Power Forums

    My personal recommendations are:
    Big light, very bright, belt holster: FourSevens Quark 123^2 Turbo X
    Small light, still likely brighter than most you've seen, shirt pocket: FourSevens Preon 2

    I actually enjoy shopping for and buying this kind of thing but I've got no excuse since these fit my service work habits perfectly.

    I also dont use a trouble light more than once or twice a year, instead I prefer a head lamp like this one.

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    Surefire is no doubt the rolls-royce of flash lights, but I own a terralux and it has worked great for five years now. I am going to mount one on to my .338 lapua and that will be the real test of durability!

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    i currently use the coast px25 this light is great over a year old been dropped countless times and still works great super bright i think 200 lumens every coworker tries to lift if from me as they borrow it , also use this in the woods for tracking deer during bow season the bright white light is great for tracking a blood trail love this light

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    I don't need a light so bright it burns my eyes when shining it on a schematic- that's what my Streamlight would do.

    I can't hold tools and a flashlight at the same time.

    I started using one of these and will never go back. Can hold it in your hand or wear it.

    Perfect for installing Tstats.

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    zebra light is the best for me,the old one last me 2 year with 200 Luman for only 1 AA and it come with headband too.

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