The other day I worked on a Tracer Summit system that I have worked on before, but this time I noticed a lot of the analog inputs were gone, the event routing wasn't set up the same, the phone book for the BCU modem was blank, and a lot of the graphical bindings/links were gone. I found out the customer connected to the system with a Laptop with a old copy of this site on it. Would this laptop try to sync its copy of the database to the BCU when connected? Is there a way to make sure that this doesn't happen? At what times does the BCU try to sync its database?

I am also looking for some type of CPL manual. I am trying to set up a program for some VAV boxes with H.W. reheat. These VAVs do not have fans, and use straight AHU air with a heating min cfm. I need a way to have the VAVs ignore the heating min. whenever the boilers are off due to the OAT lockout. Does someone have a program like this in there library that I can use as a example to get started with? If not what have you guys done in the past with a situation like this?

Thanks A lot!