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    And this is why I said the job needs to be farmed out. This is not at all like dealing with normal scale.

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    Dynamic Descaler is the trade name for a revolutionary liquid descaler that rapidly dissolves all water scale and lime plus it removes mud, rust, and other non-soluble sedimentation deposits safely and effectively.
    - High efficience, safe for equipment, cost savings
    - Fast. Equipment is cleaned within a few hours.
    - High inhibited - Non corrosive with superior corrosion inhibitors. Your equipment will not be harmed!
    - It is safe to be used on Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper, Plastic, Rubber and other materials found in most water cooler and heated equipment
    - Clean the complicated systems, non-installation or move the equipment
    - Return non-scaling surface and operate as original status
    - High-power descaling
    - Save time, money, reduces energy.
    - Extend the lifespan of your equipment
    ***Environmentally friendly, safe to humans
    - Readily Biodegradable - SGS Certificate
    - Non-chemical for cancer - SGS Certificate

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    This is a 5 year old thread. I'm sure he got it cleaned up by now. Are you a salesman for this stuff?

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    Keep it simple to keep it cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by R123 View Post
    Are you a salesman for this stuff?
    What was your first clue
    The toy chest is officially full ... I got a new toy..... 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage and yes it still gives me goosebumps
    You bend em" I"ll mend em" !!!!!!!
    I"m not a service tech.. I"m a thermodynamic transfer analyst & strategic system sustainability specialist
    In the new big shop , greasin', oilin' . tweakin' n shinin' !!

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