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Thread: Compressor ?

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    My brother inlaw had a new compressor put in 2 days ago.He said it ran nice for an hour or two then tripped the breaker.So he turned it off.Come to find out the compressor was wired wrong with the start connection on the run terminal and the run terminal on the start.I came out to check it for him to see if there was any damage.All the windings seams ok and its not grounded.I put the the wires on the terminals were they belong.Strated the unit the compressor started then shut of after 5 2seconds.What could the problem be?It has a dual cap 40/370 and a start thermister.Could one or both have been damaged from the wrong wiring?Could the compressor still be damaged even know its not grounded or no bad windings?

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    in the industry, that would qualify as a call back. the one who installed should be able to find the problem and fix.

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