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    Originally posted by icyflame
    You know it is hot and that your system has always kept your home comfortable in the past. It has not worked properly since he was last there. You have not recieve the service that you have already paid for (service charge).
    I think she called him out because she thought it "may" have had an issue and probably did not realize that the extreme heat out could effect even a 100% working system, he cleaned the outdoor unit and etc. but yes he should have at least looked at the evaporator in the attic and checked the temp. differential of the system, and made sure there was no air leaking in the attic from the return or supplies.
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    Do I just tell him that the unit is still not cooling properly...

    Should he charge me another service call to come back out It has only been 7 days.

    But He Did Not Even Go All The Way Up In The Attic when he was here.

    He just cleaned and charged the outside system when he was here.

    It doesnt get below 80 in our house until about this time every night.

    Any help on how I can approach this without insulting him would be great.


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