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    Carrier chiller heaters

    I have a customer with 2 30RB and 2 30XA chillers that go thru heater pads continuosly. The 30RB chillers have 2 bundle heater pads per machine that have all been replaced at least twice in 3 years.

    The 30XA oil seperator pads also have been changes multiple times. When looking at failed ones they typically have burn marks where it looks like they shorted against the barrel.

    I suspect moisture causes these failures and am trying to come up with alternative solutions as these are high dollar pads and the cust is very frustrated.

    Carrier insists they replace very few but the number of failures on these 4 machines makes me think there must be another option.

    Has anybody else had this experience. Thanks

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    the failure of these resistors is held in place with straps and not as a clamp on the machine or 30GX 30HX

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    Are they on all the time?
    UA 100

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    i belive they revised them and now have an internal surface stat.there was a bulletin on then for the aquafarce chillers

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    depending on the size of the machine carrier changed from the pads to a internal heater. also like dallas said you need to check for when they are on, prob they are on when not needed.

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    They do have a surface thermostat and I believe the evap bundle heaters cycle on evap temp. They are not on all the time. The oil seperator heaters were all burned out about a year after startup when we took the contract. Carrier replaced under warranty to the cust. Since then we've changed 2 or 3 more.

    The 30rb has the same problem but with the bundle heaters. All (2 pads per machine) have been changed at least once. I wonder if the constant moisture between the pad and bundle works its way into any minute defect in the pad and then shorts out to the metal.

    Anyway at this time I have one pad on each bundle out and 3 of 4 seperator heaters out on the 30xa's.

    The customer obviously is fed up and I can't blame him. These are very expensive to replace.

    My thought was to strip the insulation and wrap the bundles with heat tape as Trane does. And maybe go to some type of magnetic block heater on the oil seperators but not sure how to control temperature on those.

    With the number of failures on these I have to believe there is a better solution.

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