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    I have a Rheem Brand air handler in my attic and there are two drains that run from it. Drain 1 goes into the gutter and Drain 2 dumps out on the pavement. Several times a day drain 2 spits out about 1/2 gallon of water like a faucet then stops completely. Someone told me that drain 2 should only spit if drain 1 is clogged. So I guess my drain 1 is clogged ? ? But why does it spit the water out like a strong faucet then stop, shouldn't it just drip? Also last year I had a redish liquid drip from the ceiling, is this oil ? If yes what could cause the air handler to drip a redishing liquid that looks like oil?

    Thanks a bunch!!!!
    Thank you very much!!!

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    Drain 1 is clogged, clean it out probably p-trap. redish liquid is probably rusty water from drain pan.

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