Need some help for my son.
Thanks for any help in advance. My son finally got back into HVAC and joined one of the largest co. in our area. He started out about five months ago doing grunt commercial installs.( piss and moan i'm not learning anything) I laughed and proceeded to tell him all he learned, he chuckled and said yeah. Well turns out on a few occasions they ran into a few snags and he came up with the remedies. ( foreman called him a smart ass and laughed ). I'm guessing the word got back where it needed to and they want to move him into HVAC service/communication service. Sorry for all the hot air guess I'm just proud of him and wanted to tell someone. So to my question, he tells me he wants a good HVAC meter so I tell him the fluke 116/322 kit would be a good starter, but then he dropped the communication controls aspect on me. I've been in the field for 25 years and don't know anything about the communication systems or what meter would be sufficient for set up / service, any info would be greatly appreciated.