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    been sorting out my choices for a new system and have learned a bunch from all of your responses to my posts and by reading the posts of others. i am extremely grateful to all of you who take the time to educate us.

    here is what i believe i want but not sure what else pieces go with it (so i can bounce it off what the contractor will be proposing)

    16i HP
    auxil heat strips
    clean effect air filter
    tx803 t-stat

    if it make any difference, my system is in a attic in a horizontal layout, i am in the nothern virginia area, and 3 1/2 ton unit.

    is there a guide to perfectly matching a system (i.e. what pieces work best with each other) that is available to homeowners?


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    Back again. You should be aware that Trane's XL16i heat pump requires a matching R-410a frig var speed air handler(4TEE model). Also, the XL16i HP is available in only full ton sizes-ie no 1/2 ton sizes. Not to worry. A 4 ton will do just fine in AC since it has 2 stgs and will actually be a great benefit in heating mode. Of course, your Trane dealer should provide a Manual J heat/cool load calculation in writing as well as make a complete ductwork inspection as to size,condition, supplies/returns, insulation properties, and any airflow problems to be addressed.

    My opinion.

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    Just make sure you get a competent HVAC installer as the installation is more important than the equipment.

    A properly sized, installed and setup system will out perform any equipment that is just thrown in to work for the time being.

    So find the best installer that you can find and go with the equipment that he recommends.

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