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    Hi I have a 3,000 sf split level modern home with many windows that is sheltered to large degree by trees. I am replacing a 22 yr old carrier system and have tentatively decided to go with
    Carrier Weathermaker Infinity 96 58mvp
    Carrier weathermaker 38TSA. 15.5 SEER single speed scroll
    4 T size
    Before I request quotes I want to be as knowledgeable as possible so I don't develop prioirities after I get quotes.

    1. The carrier website for my ideal system lists the evaporator coil separately, what are the variables and how does a girl choose?

    2. It also suggests a heat recovery ventilator, an air purifier, and a UV lamp. We are very close to nyc so air quality is an issue, but I do not have money to burn on this project. We just replaced nearly all the windows in this house. (ouch!)
    3. Humidifier brands.... Any preferences out there?

    Thank you. This is a great group. I have come this far, by reading back on previous threads.

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    1.The differences will be based on what will fit the job best physically,the SEER rating the coil will achieve within the system,and minor diferences in the sensible,latent and total capacity the system will have with each coil.

    Tin Plated coil option is a good idea,helps prevnt "formicary corrosion",goggle that for details.

    2.Heat recovery- brings fresh air in the home ,is controled by the Infinty Controller

    UVC lamp is installed over the coil,prevents growth of mold,gooey stuff ,etc.,nice option,IMHO.

    Infinity Air Purifier,very effective at capturing very small particles,like bacteria,virsuses,anthrax,mold,etc.,etc.Many other filters capture as well or even slightly better,but the best part about Infinity is ,it kills all that it captures.So when you clean or change a cartridge ,nothing bad gets reintroduced to your home ,nor do you breath that stuff.

    3.Humidifiers-We use mother nature,here in Florida,so I'll pass on this.

    Use the search function on this site,Infinity,and see what happt home owners think of their Infinity.

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