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    Just had new 2-zone system put in on 7/14/06? Trane 15XLi with variable AH. I just started hearing noise coming from the lineset last night. Sounds a little like water running through water pipe. I'm hearing this in master bedroom. Lineset was run up the outside wall through hole in soffit then runs across ceiling of bedroom then across to unit. Total run is over 60'. Lineset is resting on joist in attic.
    1. Is this noise normal? If so I'm thinking that by putting insulation between lineset and joist that it might take care of noise?
    2. Is there a problem with running lineset that far? Does a long run have any effect on performance of system or life?

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    The lineset length is fine.

    You are either hearing the refrigerant traveling or vibration from compressor through the lineset. And its traveling through the wood work. Try to isolate where this is happening. More than likely it at a spot where the lineset is putting pressure on the joists.

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