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    Blower Service

    Difficulty in removing pullys on 17 yr old Carrier RTUs nom 10TOn, 21 units at one site under contract. any tips that would assist appreciated.


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    Sand paper, WD40 and a puller.

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    i bought a nice pulley puller and blower wheel puller at johnstone the other day.

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    I like the Posi Lock.
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    Yep, if you are trying to do this without one of these............

    Good luck.

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    Every time I do a pulley or coupling job, these same items come out of the toolbox. I throw them all in a 5 gallon bucket. In addition to these items, I've found that sometimes you just need patience.

    A rust-breaking penetrant (I like CRC screw-loose, personally)
    A lubricant like WD-40
    Some steel conduit or pipe that is just large enough to fit over the shaft.
    Sand cloth
    Scotch-brite abrasive pads
    A small mapp gas torch to heat things up a little
    A variety of pullers
    Ball peen hammer

    Spray the whole thing down with the penetrant and let it work for a few minutes. Tapping the hub lightly with hammer helps a little. If the pulley doesn't come off of the shaft easily, clean the shaft on the back of the pulley, and use the conduit or pipe to drive it onto the shaft further. Sometimes, the pulley must be heated with the torch before it will move. Once it moves just a little, it's a matter of having patience. Then, clean the entire shaft with the sand cloth, spray the hub with WD-40, and it will come right off.
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    The best lubricant I think is Kano kroil. Use that and a puller should be good. Maybe add a little heat

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