Author Fred Hartley documents a letter young Winston Churchill received from his father: “You should be ashamed of your slovenly, happy-go-lucky, harum, scarum style of work. . . Never have I received a really good report of your conduct from any headmaster or tutor. . .Always behind, incessant complaints of a total want of application to your work. . . Do not think that I am going to take the trouble of writing you long letters after every failure you commit. . .I no longer attach the slightest weight to anything you may say. . .If you cannot prevent yourself from leading the idle, useless, unprofitable life you have had during your school days, you will become a mere social wastrel, one of the hundreds of public school failures, and you will degenerate into a shabby, unhappy and futile existence. . .You will have to bear all the blame for such misfortunes. . . Your mother sends her love.”