I've been in HVAC scince I was twelve and am primarily resi and light comm.
I have a customer that wants to go geo and I have serviced some geo systems.
I'm in north central Texas and am wanting my possibly first job to go right.
What should I do? The drilling equipment is expensive and should I sub it out anyone have a good ground guy? is the Wrightsoft module good for the design of the ground loop? who is the best company for equipment and who is the most supportive distributor in my area? I am thinking of installing this in the fall when the cooling season ebbs. I have read alot of manufactures literature and will get certified before I start. I will aslo bring in someone with expieriance to guide me hopefully from this forum. My customer was wanting to go geo I was thinking IQ Drive. I thought yahtahay why not? Thanks for any advice you all may have.