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    Not in the union but just keep doing what your doing, that whole jumping thing does make difference in these parts and is pretty frown upon, even though many say loyalty doesnt' matter it does but the bottom line is you putting food in your mouth and your kids if you have one. My career services rep at trade just told me like this " they don't give a commitment to keep you employed for 3-5 years theres no need for you to do the same if something comes up" which makes sense but in your world and mine its pretty small and word spreads fast about you like a tech rep. So I suggest just getting to know what your suppose to know and learn it pretty damn well. I understand your running service and doing pm's but after getting a year or two under your belt things may change so for loyalty purposes and to get a little more season just try to stay if you can. I am just outta school and the commercial/industrial HVAC was the goal, I love residential work too something about being on the roofs on homes just bring back memories of being a little bad a$$ kid, anyways Its a small world buddy and I am in a weird situation myself. I just got hired on a gas/fire insert spa insert business it does heating and they work with electrical/installation of those systems but its not what my degree was geared towards or thought I was going to be doing the next couple years. But I like the place 12 bucks starting out and they are family run business that made a long term commitment to me so I am going to learn everything I can be the best worker for them that I can representing myself in a positive manner for the HVAC techs as well as the trade college that helped me get the job. The crazy thing is that I have went on serveral interviews that deal with HVAC maintenance/HVAC shops and if a week or two they call to interview or put in me on their team I would love to entertain the idea but feel my loyalty lies with who gave me an opportunity first and your word should matter when you accept the job. Good luck buddy and tell us how it works out and congrats on school and getting into union thats pretty awesome in itself. Have a cool one

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    Don't make the mistake of working for just one shop. Even though it might look good on a resume you can learn more and further your position easier by keeping all options open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k5blazerboy View Post
    1. Problem is that I'm not indentured into the union as my boss is trying to keep me under the radar. Trying to keep the union from knowing I'm there.
    Sounds like trouble. If the union finds out about you, that could very well hurt your chances of getting in. Do the right thing by the union, go talk to them. They will appreciate that. Who said you were a pre-apprentice? Your boos or the union?

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