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    Damage done by environMENTALS

    Sequoia National Forest, California.

    for over 100 years scientists have been baffled by the lack of new trees in the area.

    for over 100 years, every time there was a fire , the environMENTALS and government ran over there and put it out, hoping to save the environment.

    it turns out...

    1) the fire doesn't hurt the trees

    2) the fire is what opens the pine cone to allow the seeds to fall out.

    over 100 years of damage caused by the publicly funded ,self proclaimed, overlords of nature, who can't leave crap alone.

    these people have the nerve to try to fine people for damaging nature

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    That's what happens everytime a bunch of bedwetters start tampering with the natural world. Like they know something..............
    Tough times don't last...Tough people do.

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