I wasn't allowed to post on the thread about what to give for information. He said he wanted to know about who we are and what kind of work we have done and did. My name is Bob. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I learned the trade in the Navy and Coast Guard, which means that I have worked on a lot of water cooled units, and many low pressure 400 ton centrifical chillers. Since retiring I work on food service stuff, mostly refrigeration systems. The pre registration information says that we aren't to list our company information etc, unless we have been here awhile, not that the company I work for is important, anyway. I work on Refrigerators, walk ins, ice machines and the like, as well as the cooking gear, such as fryers and oven, most are gas. We only do AC work for the companies that we do other work for, like if we do all your walk ins and reefrs etc, and you need your AC fixed, we will, but, it's not the meat and potatoes of work.