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    This story serves a dual purpose; People sometimes get what is deserved and HVAC is not for DIY!
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    I see a new set of "Your brain on drugs" commercials coming soon, aimed at all these stupid meth heads that can steal whatever they can get near, or not so near as the case may be. The things people due to aid in their addictions.

    Now excuse me while I go roll some penny's and sell the boy's Power Rangers, to get 2 cans of snuff and a 24oz cold beer.

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    Young healty guy like that should have learned how do air conditioning and he would have had enough dough so that he wouldn't have to go around scrapping.

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    A classmate of mine from high school "Sparky" was electrocuted when he broke into a junk yard to steal some scrap metal, he notices this big bundel of copper next to the fence. He first tried to pull the bundel but noticed it was attatched to another bundel of copper. He then decided to use some bolt cutters and try to cut the copper. Unfortunately he is no longer with us. He actually aquired the name years before the accident. He was a habitual Pot smoker
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    I don't see a "Darwin Award" here. A dead thief,yes,but a Darwin? A Darwin award goes out to the cop that looked in his gas tank with a lighter to see if he was out of gas.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    look at the shape of that head what did he feed that thing

    he aint right, thats
    why he got smoked
    once you think you've seen it all
    I would rather work for free than be look upon as a thief!!!!!

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    I'm sure his family will sue the person who's responsible for that live wire claiming negligence. I hope they dont win.
    Life is like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

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    Guess who got shocked in the woods tooo dayyyy......

    doo dah doo dah

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    I heard about this guy who was postumously awarded that darwin award.
    He aquired a booster rocket they use to assist lift off of one of them huge military transport planes.

    this guy "affixed" this rocket to the back of his 66 Malibu automobile.
    He got out into the Arizona desert, alone on a stretch of blacktop, lit-er-up and found himself airborn headed right for one of them picturesque red rock mountains.

    I imagine he experienced maximum g force before he passed out.

    pieces of the car were found embedded into the mountain.

    and you can imagine the investigator's thoughts; "How did this car get WAAAAAY UP HERE?"

    later they discovered the connection with the booster rocket.
    there were no witnesses, save for God alone.

    musta been quite a site

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    Probably got the idea from Roadrunner cartoons. Didn't the coyote try that one?
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    Originally posted by R12rules
    I heard about this guy who was postumously awarded that darwin award.
    Actually; all Darwin awards are postumously awarded
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    No, not all -- the requirements for a Darwin Award are simply to remove one's self from the gene pool through outrageous stupidity. Though death is by far the most usual result of outrageous stupidity, and thus the most frequent winners, self-neutering also wins Darwins. A recent example is the kid who was playing with a loaded gun, shoved it down his pants in an attempt to play gangsta, and shot himself soprano. He's still alive, but he's definitely out of the gene pool ^.^

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    How the hell did he get electrocuted while trying to steal sheet metal? That is like getting your hand caught in a blower wheel while cleaning a condenser.
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