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    testo 417

    Hi I have recently bought testo 417.
    I have set it up as I believe it should be.
    I require the readings in l/s and so I have set it to do so.
    I am using the testo funnel cone so I have set the F.Fact on.
    However when I take the reading it is roughly half the l/s than the calibrated Airflow LCA301 that Im using at the moment.
    I must add, the testo 417 has a calibration certificate.
    Am I missing something?

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    testo 417

    What is the applicaton? an exhaust fan? The funnels are not meant for supply(s). Are you placing the Airflow product on the funnel as well. The funnel is likely restricting the flow, because it is intended to use on exhaust fans.

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