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    I looked up this site for the past 3 months. I talked to parents at the soccer game, and to the distributor for references.
    I had 5 quotes larger and smaller, more or less.
    I looked for good opinions from you all on this site, and enjoyed the banter.
    I treated my contractor with respect(no heckling) and payed him promptly 10 days later after only a handshake. 2 pros showed up on time, 5 man company together 12 years or more. His shop was tidy and clean and pretty simple. His quote was the smallest of the bunch price and size. Only one to walk around my house and do a load calc.

    My temp went up from 73 to 75degrees when it was 100 degrees and dryer this wkend (record heat for 75 years), but I felt comfortable when I get home from work next day, AC set at 77 and it is 93 and humid outside.
    System runs full time only during the highest temps, and cycles down in the evening.
    My electric bill was cut 40 to 50%.
    I think I did ok...What kind of equp'mt you ask?
    I got a good installer, and a good education from all of you. Thanks a ton.

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    It pays to do your homework.
    Dogs truly are man's best friend!!

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