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    I am taking a course and have an assignment. I am lost. I have to make a ladder diagram of a heat pump package air conditioning system. I have to include compressor running capacitor, compressor, safety thermostat, thermostat terminal board, transformer, thermostat, reversing valve, solenoid, outdoor, fan motor capacitor, outdoor fan motor, high pressure switch, low pressure switch, indoor fan motor, defrost thermostat, compressor, crankcase heater, circuit breaker, contactor, and indoor fan relay. How do I know which components are low/high voltage. Can anyone help me? Any websites with sample diagrams of this? Much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    do you have wiring diagrams in your textbook?

    source | hot |phase on left
    common on right

    put high voltage stuf at top

    do you understand series & parallel operation?

    post a diagram of a single pole switch for a lamp --

    now post one of a door bell with button at front door & back door.
    harvest rainwater,make SHADE,R75/50/30= roof/wall/floor, use HVAC mastic,caulk all wall seams!

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    ladder diagram

    Can you tell me where does the single pole go on the diagram? Limited wiring diagrams in book. Which of the components are high voltage so that I can start by putting those on top? Which are low voltage? Appreciate all you help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So tell me ....... what was your teacher explaining in class the day he gave this assignment. I would have guessed he went over it a little, then to just tell you to do it with no clue.

    Learning this is so major I dont see why they didnt go over it better before the assignment but Im guessing they will when they go over what you came up with

    What is the name of the book they are using in your class ?????? I would be guessing that it explains it all if your looking in the right place. Like I say , this is so major it should have a lot explaining it if it is a halfway good book.

    Im not going to even attemp trying explaining what you want being it would be like writing a book being there is so much. You would spend way more time trying to understand what someone is saying then to just see how it is layed out and where everything goes as shown in a good text book.

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    yes this site should have a library of drawins and such...but it dont.

    if you can find an air condition ladder-gram that might help to show where things go.

    basically, the transformer in the middle, 24v on bottom and 240v on top.

    you need to get a book to explain it,really. The symbols all have a meaning that must be understood.

    Modern heatpump diagrams dont show the defrost timer mechanism. They show a "blackbox". The electronic circuitry
    isnt shown because it's not serviceable. You must refer to maintenance manuals to see how they work...

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    You got some good suggestions here. Find a ladder diagram and look at it. As mentioned L1 on the left, L2 on the right. On the low voltage side the 24v is on the left, common on the right.

    Starting with the low voltage, consider a ladder. You must climb the ladder rung by rung to get to the top. It works the same with a ladder diagram. Its a progression.

    What would represent the 1st rung? Well Low voltage connection from indoor. If you havent got that, nothing will work. So the fist rung is your outdoor low voltage connection. Next, the reversing valve. Whats next? Well, I would guess the Defrost board inputs. Next the defrost board outputs. next any safetys. Then time delay and finally contactor.

    For instance. If i had all my wiring, the reversing valve shifted, the defrost board was functional, then a safety would stop my climbing and the contactor would not pull in.

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