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    I have an Airease Ultra 5 Tec-80 downdraft furnace. I had water dripping off from inside the plenem in my crawlspace. The contractor thought that the high blower speed was blowing the water off of the a-coil so he decreased the fan speed. This sounds to me like a work-around. Is this right or was the a-coil/drain installed wrong? The contractor claims everything is installed correctly.

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    Have him rinse off the coil with evaporator cleaner. Sometimes there's some oil on the fins from manufacture and that causes the blow off instead of the water running down the fins to the drain. The cleaner should solve that.

    The blower should be set to the size of the A/C and not just left on high. Tell the dealer to read static pressure of the system, look at the blower performance chart and set the speed correctly.

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    could be that drip shields are wrong, but nobody can tell without looking. if blower speed was incorrect in the beginning, you may have an issue with the installer... he must not have checked the blower speed during initial install.that's a pretty standard thing to do. sounds to me like an excuse. some ppl dont like to say that they dont know what they r doing.... good luck

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