Brand new condenser and evap. 404a. Fired up and ran great. Hot box. Opened txv up a few turns... SH was way high.

Leave and go back next morning to set SH and check everything out. Box was at 8 degrees, 10 deg SC, 25 deg Sh at the bulb and around 40 at the compressor. Cool, I need to open the txv. Half a turn and no change in SH. Another half a turn and so on. Before I know it stem is back seated. Still 20 deg SH. WTF.

Call the "expert" who sized and sold me the equipment. He said for the box size and load and equipment btu rating I should have to be squeezing the txv closed, not opening. I tell him that goes against logic, to get my superheat down I need to open it. He says if I went to far I could be overfeeding the evap and he agrees with my logic but it is "one of those refrigeration phenoms". Tells me to take it back to mid point, leave and let it settle down, and come back and check. Im about to head that way and see how its doing.

Would love to hear thoughts from you experts