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Thread: Static pressure

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    How do you check for static pressure in vents?

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    Apologies if this is a wild goose chase. (I'm not a technician, but I play one on television.)
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    checking air pressures

    Originally posted by hvac2379
    How do you check for static pressure in vents?
    you can obtain an inexpensive air meter from Dwyer to learn the art of checking static pressures, air velocities, air volume. Dwyers' 460 meter is well worth the small cost to learn the skills. Instructions are included.

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    Dwyer has a whole line of general purpose diff.guages for HVAC service use satic in ducts,units return and suply and basically the same guage just might need different ranges.0"-1" is good for static duct readings. 0"-5" is good for rooftop work to see the return air vs the supply pressure
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