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Thread: Couple'a shots

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    Sorry OSR, your local buddies lost a sale on this one. Saw a rental parked here for a while, then this shiny Choo Choo shows up. Guess the clunker Carrier bit the farm.

    Speaking of chillers, my church is doing a $20M renovation completely gutting the main building and starting over. Plan was for a nice little air cooled chiller. Today we got to see the stripped place and blueprints. They now call for something like 15 Carrier (sorry again OSR) splits ranging from 2 to 60 tons. Head honcho from the contractor said he didn't like the chiller idea. Churches aren't good at maintenance. Gee, 15 splits are easier to maintain than 1 chiller???

    AND, speaking of rentals, how about this octopus attacking an office building!

    Here's the roof of the building from and looks like some old Carrier condensers or chillers. Guess they just couldn't hook into the chilled water system like they did at the hotel in the first shot when they had a rental.

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    I have been on a building renovation committee once. They are using a first cost approach. Operating and repair costs along with comfort will not determine their decision. I got lucky when the contractor I chose was a design engineer who taught me in sunday school years ago. The Co. had been doing the churches work for 30 yrs. too. The engineers and Architect that worked together didn't like me much to say the least. The church I attend now is in the middle of a 6.5 mil. building project and I am just watching from the sidelines. They have big $ people that know what to do.
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    Talking about the rental stuff working with a rental company on doing package setups kind of like that with Centrifugals, Aircooleds and Airhandlers, along with pumps and everything

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    Great photos Baldone!
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