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    Just issueing this as a warning to anyone trying to change a window motor on a Ford.....the regulator and window motor are spring loaded. Wish I knew this.....Ford rivets the regulator to the door, and bolts the motor on with a giant recoil spring under pressure.You can't just take the motor out. DIY Smokin68 found this out when he unbolted everything and heard a load thud when the spring unloaded, thankfully hand not in there. Just a poor way to place a motor, the first negative I have about my Ford besides oil filter placement. Not HVAC related, but I know I'm not the only wanna-be mechanic on here.
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    You have got to know your way around the inside of any automotive door nowadays. Mine are 8 years old and I haven't had any problems.

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    The japs have one up on us here

    But door windows and motors are always hard to replace. Be ready for some band aids. You will be bleeding before the job is done.

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    Alot of power window motors have been that way from at least the 70's. The first one I did came out with a bang! Gm got smart a few years back by making the motor and regulator as one unit. 2 screws and 3 rivets and it was out. Unfortunately disgruntled Delphi employees built them and they are a POS. If you really want to have fun with a vehicle, get yourself a early to mid 70's truck with 3 on the tree shifting and try to replace the shift tubes!
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