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    Tucson, Az
    Just beginning to test the waters.

    Been living in southern AZ for 15 years. The summer heat is really beginning to be a pain in the butt. Considering relocating to a part of the country with more reasonable weather patterns.

    Would have to sell the house and all that stuff so this is just in the "thinking" stages.

    Approx 20 years supermarket refrigeration experience.

    Kind of thinking of Utah, Colorado. Lived in Florida for many years (Ft. Lauderdale, Miami area). Liked the proximity to the ocean but didn't care the humidity and 5 LB skeeters!!

    Input would be appreciated. Working conditions, wages, taxes, cost of living in areas etc.


    Tucson, Az
    Keeping the Ice Cream Frozen!

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    Jun 2005
    Seatte Wa
    look into the Pacific Northwest,the Seattle area is a great place to live,supermarket techs are in high demand chance to make 80-100k a won't have to worry about summer burn out and the rain is not as bad as most think.

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