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    Hello , i have been in this industry for just over 5 years now i have spent that whole time in Alberta, Canada. Now that im certified (last year). ive been looking to find some work in the states or elsewhere. it would be greatly apreciated if someone could could give me some insight if this is possible and what exactly i need to do.

    ive worked on various types of equipment from supermarket racks to commercial walk-ins, ice machines, and for the past 2 years ive been with a company doing strictly hvac, rooftops and chillers.

    just curious?

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    Sure log on to and find the nerest local in your area.They will test you and put you to work.

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    South Texas

    I am starting a Ac buisness, I am in the getting permitts and such phase. I will be needing some tech for Coil cleaing and Ruff installations. What r Your qualifications and how much pay would you need? Location Corpus Christi Texas E-mail

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